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The Pending Case Management Course:
See the life of a pending case from the beginning when the case is entered to the end when the policy becomes active and inforce.
Lesson One: Entering a Pending Case >>
Lesson Two: Processing Underwriting Requirements >>
Lesson Three: Case Approval >>
Lesson Four: Issued Thru Inforce >>
Lesson Five: PCM Follow-up >>
The Informal Applications Course:
The Informal Application process through SmartCaseManager is used for the tracking of requirements that are being shopped to multiple Carriers at one time.
Lesson One: Informal Applications Setup >>
Lesson Two: Informal PCM Workflows >>
Lesson Three: Adding an Informal Application >>
PCM Module Workflow Setup
The processes covered in the PCM course make use of workflows designed to automatically enter underwriting and policy delivery requirements. Pending case workflows can be defined during setup of the PCM module. The Policy and PCM Setup User Guide provides detailed information on setting up workflows in the PCM module.
To see examples of the workflow setup used in the PCM course, view the following lessons:
Setup from Lesson One: Entering a Pending Case -
Initial WorkFlow Setup >>
Setup from Lesson Two: Processing Underwriting Requirements -
Await Approval Workflow >>
Setup from Lesson Three: Case Approval -
Approval Received Workflow >>
Setup from Lesson Four: Issued Thru Inforce -
Delivery Workflow >>
SmartCaseManager (PCM) User Guide
Get detailed information on tools and features in the PCM module, also know as the SmartCaseManager module, in the SmartCaseManager User Guide.
Fast Classes
The following PCM Fast Classes spotlight advanced tools and functionality in the Pending Case Management module and serve as a supplement to the core PCM course.
Adding a Disability Case
Runtime: 6 minutes
Adding a Long Term Care Case
Runtime: 8 minutes
Doctor and Medical Facility Data Input
Runtime: 9 minutes
How to Recreate Underwriting Guidelines
Runtime: 5 minutes
Policy Notes
Runtime: 5 minutes
Policy Warning Button
Runtime: 4 minutes
Additional Resources
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User Guides and Printable versions of Fast Classes are available in .PDF format.
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