Subject: e-Z News, Volume 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

April, 10 2002

Isn’t it nice when you stumble upon a shortcut you didn’t know existed? If you like saving time whether you’re driving in your car or performing common tasks, then this issue of e-Z News is for you! Read on to learn about keyboard shortcuts that will have you speeding though some common CDS functions.
From the Client Data System Desktop:
  • Press [Ctrl-E] to access messaging.
  • Press [Ctrl-F] to display the Find Contact Information dialog box.
  • Press [Ctrl-B] to display the Find Business dialog box.

From the Contact record screen (or when a contact record focus is established-for example, from the Message summary screen, Activity summary screen, etc.):
  • Press [F3] to access the Auto-dialer.
  • Press [F7] to access the SmartPad.
  • Press [F8] to access the Activity Log.
  • Press [Ctrl-F] to display the Contact record screen.

From virtually anywhere in the system:

  • Press [F1] to access the Help file.
  • Press [Ctrl-D] to access the DayView screen. Press [Ctrl-D] twice more to display the two other DayView formats.
  • Press [Ctrl-W] to access the WeekView screen. Press [Ctrl-W] again to display the alternate WeekView format.

While editing a screen:

  • Press [Tab] to move to the next field and [Shift-Tab] to move to the previous field.
  • Press [F2] to display the field’s Choice Options dialog box. From here, you can add, modify or delete field choices.

General shortcuts:

  • If the page you are viewing contains horizontal tabs (e.g., Contact record screen, Policy summary screen), press [Alt-®] to move to the right to the next tab or [Alt-¬] to move to the left to the next tab.
  • If the page you are viewing contains vertical tabs (e.g., Policy summary screen, Investment summary screen), press [Alt-¯] to move down through the tabs and [Alt-­] to move up through the tabs.
  • Press [Ctrl-Tab] to move between open windows within the CDS system.
  • To add a new record, press [Ctrl-A].
  • To save a record, press [Ctrl-S].
  • To access the menu bar at the top of the screen, press [Alt]. Move between menu options by using the  [®/¬] keys and between menu options using the  [ / ¯]  keys. Select an option by pressing Enter. Note that there are other keyboard shortcuts displayed in the menu bar for each screen.
  • To close the current window, press [Ctrl-F4].
  • To exit CDS, press [Alt-F4].

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