Subject: E-Z News Vol. 4: The Clever Calendar (Automatic Calendar Activities)
August 8, 2001
Volume Four
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Tip of the Week:  Creating Automatic Calendar Activities for Important Events (e.g. Birthdays, Policy Renewals).
Creating a calendar activity for important events such as birthdays and policy renewals is "E-Z" with CDS's built-in calendaring system. 
For this example we will create an automatic calendar activity for all client's birthdays.  In addition, we want a 10 day lead time before each event in order to send a birthday letter.
From any calendar view click Tools, Important Dates Posting.

The Option section determines which event will be posted to the calendar.  For this example we will choose Client's DOB.  Note, the Options are mutually exclusive and therefore cannot be run simultaneously. 

Enter the date range to be used for selecting activities.  In our example, we want to post all birthdays occurring between October 1st and December 31st.

*Note: Because you are continually adding clients to your database, it is recommended that you run Important Dates Posting quarterly in order to avoid missing activities.

We want to send a birthday letter to all of these clients so let's give ourselves a 10 day lead time before the client's birthday.  Type 10 in the Lead Time field. Click OK.

Click Skip Weekends so activities falling on the weekend will be posted to the calendar the Friday before.

This is the Activity Detail screen. From here you can make additional modifications to the activity such as changing the priority level, assigning this activity to another user, etc.
You will now see CDS processing the names of the clients whose birthdays fall in the date range specified above.
All of the activities will be listed on your DayView calendar only.  In addition, the type field for all these activities will be listed as "Birthday."  From here you can tag all the birthday activities and then print the birthday letter.  Notice that the client's birthdays are 10 days from now.   
If you prefer to call your clients on their birthday, you can leave the Lead Time field blank    
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