Subject: E-Z News Vol. 10:  Customizing Field Choices

February 1, 2002

Volume 10




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Tip of the Week:  Customizing Field Choices



For our example, we are going to add customized choices to the ‘Type’ field in a Contact Record.


From the main CDS screen, click on the ‘Contacts’ button on the toolbar. 



When the ‘Find Contact’ window appears, either type in the name of an existing client, or click ‘Ok’ to bring up the global listing of all clients within your database.  For our example, we will be using an existing client, ‘Joseph Ackerman.




You will be brought to the ‘Personal’ tab of the Contacts record.




Now, we will add a field choice to the ‘Type’ field.  Right-click on the ‘Type’ field.  From the menu that appears, select ‘Choice’.




The ‘Choice Options’ window will appear.  If there are no choices currently in your ‘Type’ field, the options will be blank.  Click the ‘Add’ button.




Type the field choice that you would like to appear as an option in your ‘Type’ field (ex./ Client, Prospect, Personal, etc).  Click ‘Save’ to return to the ‘Choice Options’ window. 



Repeat the last 2 steps to add additional choices.  Once you have added your choices, click the ‘Close’ button to return to the contact record. 



Click on the drop-down arrow in the ‘Type’ field.  Notice that the choice options that you added now appear here.






These choices will be listed as options universally in your database, for all contacts and users for this field.  You can repeat this process for any field in your database that gives you the ‘Choice’ option.


In the next E-Z News:  Contact Custom Fields



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