June 7, 2001
Volume 1
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Tip of the Week:
If you're like most business people, the first thing you do in the morning is look at your calendar. Chances are, when you log in to CDS, you are taken to the desktop screen and you manually launch the calendar from there. Wouldn't it be nice if the calendar displayed automatically when you logged in to CDS? Well, it can! Just follow the steps below:
Exit CDS. From the Windows desktop click Start, Run.

Type wcds.ini then click OK.
Create a new line under the last entry of the [System] section and type Startup=DayView.
*Note: You can also type WeekView or MonthView depending on your preference.
When finished, click on the X in the top right corner. When prompted to save your changes, click Yes.
When you log back in to CDS you will see your preferred calendar (i.e., MonthView, WeekView, DayView) displayed automatically! This procedure is workstation specific. The calendar will be launched upon log in for any user who logs in to CDS from this workstation. Repeat this procedure on any other workstation desired.
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