Subject: E-Z News Vol. 6: Logging in Made E-Z
October 12, 2001
Volume 6
e-Z News is designed to help you maximize your use of the Client Data System (CDS) program. Watch your e-mail for each
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Tip of the Week: Logging in Made E-Z
Now you can log into CDS without ever having to enter the database name, user name and password again!
Highlight the CDS icon from your desktop screen and Right Click on your mouse Click on Properties. 
You can bypass the normal CDS login screen by adding the Database Name, User Name and Password to the wcds32.exe Properties screen.  This feature points the CDS shortcut icon directly to your CDS database for quick login.
Type the Database Name, User Name and Password directly after the last line in the Target field.  
*Note: The fields must be entered in the order below (make sure to enter a space between each word).   
1)Database Name: Client                                                                        
2)User Name: Joe
3)Password: Pass
Once you are finished click Apply, Close.
Next time you click on your CDS icon you will be logged directly into your database.
In the next E-Z News:  Creating Recurring Activities
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