Subject: E-Z News Vol. 5: Storing Illustrations
September 26, 2001
Volume 5
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Tip of the Week: How to store an illustration.
The file attachment feature in CDS allows the user the flexibility of attaching virtually any file to a policy, investment or contact record. 
For our example we are going to store an illustration for Joe Ackerman's Universal Life policy.  From the Basic Information tab of Joe's policy, click on Proposals.
You are now presented with an image log dialog box.  The image dialog box allows you to link virtually any file to the selected policy.  The illustration we want to attach is located in My Documents.  Click on Attach File in order to browse for the file.
If you know the name of the file you can simply type it in the File Name field.  If not, click on File Name in order to browse for the file.  Click on File Name.
For our example, the illustration we want is located in My Documents. Once you find the file, highlight it and click Open.
The file name and extension will appear under the file name.  Let's name the illustration and give it a keyword. 
The Object Type allows you to choose how to store the illustration.  You can either choose Embedded or Link when storing an illustration. 
Embedded: Makes a copy of the file and inserts it into CDS.  Changing the location or deleting the original file does not affect the inserted illustration.
Link:  Creates a direct link to the saved file.  This option does not make a copy of the file in CDS.  Therefore, any changes to the original file will be reflected in the illustration.  If the original file is deleted the user will not be able to access that file in CDS.
For our example we want to link the file.  Choose Link and click OK.
A dialog box automatically appears explaining how to properly link a file.  Click Yes.
The image log now contains our attached illustration.  Highlight the illustration and click on the green check mark.
You are now brought back to the Basic Information tab.  Use the drop down menu on the Proposals field to select the appropriate Illustration.  After selecting the correct illustration, Click on Proposals. 
You will now see the proposal.
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